What is a Brand?


5 thoughts on “What is a Brand?

  1. Brands are important because this is where customers can relate. This is what develops into a personal relationship between the customer and the brand.

    • Sancharee

      I completely agree! To add to your comment, I feel that brands are the reason that consumers can form a connection with any product or service because its the emotional aspect of people that draws them towards anything. If brands succeed in establishing such a connection with their consumers, they are bound to have success.

  2. I agree. Brands are something I personally associate myself with. For eg, I always like to mirror myself with Converse, a shoe brand. As silly as it sounds, I even had it as my fb profile pic.

    Brands in most instances define a customer and to look deeper, it defines a customer’s feelings and emotions about a product. Simply put, it’s not just the next big thing, it already is and was a big thing from the start.

    P.S: Pardon my typos, if any, I didn’t have spell check.

  3. I totally agree! I came more than from google and am looking to subscribe. Exactly where is your RSS feed?

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