Sancharee Saha


10X Earth Concept Video
Art Direction, Motion Graphics and Animation

The Brief

Create a video outlining the concept of 10 Dinners To Change The World.

Food, water, energy, equality, healthcare and much more - our world could use some help. In the last few decades, we have managed to deplete our resources, to plan poorly and to stumble along the way. But the need for a radical change has slowly captured the imagination of the world, and leaders in our region are poised to heed this demand.

The next phase of the journey is highly critical. The stakes are high. And with the difficult times we’re all facing now, Moonshot thinking is the key to solving some of world’s major problems. The next transformation is around the corner and we need to harness that power to alter the course of our planet.

The Music & Lyrics

Visualising the script into a Storyboard

The End Result