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Real Estate | Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd, Singapore | UAE


1 OAK offers a boutique real estate experience that combines the delivery of aspirational homes at exceptional value, making the dream of owning a home, a reality.
Supported by Singapore-based Greenfield Advisory Pte. Lte. their financial and investment expertise is underpinned by extensive real-estate experience across India, South-East Asia and Europe.  

This unique blend of expert financial advisory and boutique experience sets 1 OAK apart as a ‘one of a kind’ real estate firm.

The Brief

The website needed to stand out from its’ competitors while communicating the company’s ethos to Live More and create a one of a kind experience to home buyers in India and the UAE.

The Music & Lyrics

The landing page brings the users to a set of curated lifestyle videos that blend architecture with living; a human, emotional experience brought about by architectural design and details. It creates the feeling of coming home to comfort and warmth.

The projects page will bring the users to another set of looped videos that show subtle motion and highlight feelings and emotions like the warmth of the first light of day that enters through when you draw the curtains of your home.

The website also features an option for customers to login and view their investments portfolios with 1OAK and check on updates about their properties.