Sancharee Saha



An award-winning brand designer and creative director who leads design teams and sings.

With over 15 years of experience in contemporary design, I am a creative director, brand lover, communication designer, singer and performer. I believe music and design can help people see the best in each other and make meaningful connections.

As a refined and expressive communicator, my design process is a holistic blend of rational thinking and intuitive empathy. I am naturally focused on the end goal, observant with an intrinsic passion for engaging human interactions that result in individualised relationships.

Currently based out of Toronto, Canada after having globe trotted and worked in Mumbai (India), London and Leicester (UK), Dubai (UAE) and now Toronto (Canada), I have had the opportunity to work with global organisations across multiple industries such as Government, Energy, Resources, Health & Public Service, Hospitality, Retail, Communications, Media & Technology, Banking & Insurance, Real Estate, Entertainment, FMCG, Food & Beverage and more. I have also enjoyed working on premier global events and many familiar brands such as the Landmark Group, Fairmont Hotels, Burj Al Arab, Shangri-La, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Nikon, Sony, Himalaya, Britannia and Baskin Robbins to name a few.

Who What is ‘SANCHAREE’?

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