Sancharee Saha



UX/UI  for Screens & Kiosks

Leisure & Entertainment | Landmark Group | Dubai, UAE

The Brief:

On entering Jumble and receiving their RFID wristbands, users must register themselves and create their profiles and teams on the kiosks. The user experience needed to be designed  keeping in mind the wide range of age groups, from school going pre-teens to adults. Being one of the first touch points of the brand, the UX of the kiosks and screens needed to excite the users by increasing anticipation and intrigue while also being functional and intuitive.

The Lyrics:

The name, Arc, reflects a direct connection with the property’s location on the arch of Jumeirah Village Circle. The design thus, needed to reflect not only it’s meaning but also the properties modern, geometric features. The design required to be as approachable as the name and appeal internationally to young, modern and contemporary families.

The Melody

Jumble Registration User Experience & Interface Individual registration kiosk user experience & interface

Individual registration kiosk user experience & interface, using the Jumble Code

Team Registration Kiosk UX & UI

Photo Booth Kiosk User Experience & Interface

Entrance Screens