Sancharee Saha


Good Pays Saudi Payments Campaign
Art Direction, Motion Graphics and Animation

Banking & Finance | Saudi Payments | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Brief

To promote cashless payments by educating the general public and business community of its benefits, including its importance during times of crisis such as the current COVID-19 situation.

The Music & Lyrics

Educating the public on how the adoption of digital financial transactions can help combat the pandemic of COVID-19
Communicating the benefits of cashless transactions with consumers, retailers, industries and government through engaging means 
Demonstrate how Saudi Payments products and services enhance the move to a safer and more secure cashless society
Transforming the local ecosystem to accommodate and promote digital payments across government, trade and retail transactions

The video is an engaging, urgent plea to use cashless means of financial transactions using kinetic Arabic typography. Since I dont read or speak Arabic, this was a challenging ask even with the script fully translated in English. Because of the nature of the animation, each word needed to be clearly understood and the framing of the sentence made gramtical sense so that it would convey the key message in a dynamic, visual style.