Sancharee Saha


The Story of ‘Sancharee’

My story begins with a name that not many had come across. I grew up with people never being sure of how to pronounce it correctly. Not much has changed now either. But instead of cringing at Saanchiri, San chairi, Shanchury,

~ I've always been intrigued by the different ways people pronounce my name ~

In hindsight, I was an empath since I was quite young. When asked, I said my name with a knowing smile of ‘I know its an unusual one.’ Some curious people would ask me what it meant, because back home, all names have a story behind them. I have always been proud of mine.

In Indian Classical Music, the bridge of a song is called the Sancharee.

The creative arts run strong in my culture and family and as a lucky coincidence I took great affinity to vocal music as soon as I was introduced to it at age 6. It was only until I was older that I really understood the meaning of my name.
Later when I began learning to compose music I was taught that 

a good musical composition is one that enhances the lyrics of the song. This has been one of my most treasured pearls of wisdom.

I love trying to understand what a poet was feeling while writing poetry, or what situation a lyricist based a song upon.
My love for brands started with my love for creating logos, giving life to brands. Over the years my developed understanding of brands has only increased my passion towards propelling brands to be the best version of themselves and build lasting relationships with their customers. In music, the lyrics define the mood, content, context and meaning of a song while its melody/music brings the lyrics to life and effectively communicates its meaning and essence.

For a brand, the lyrics are the product or service offering, brand-essence, core purpose, and positioning while music is the design & communication strategy.